Since 1987 J. Herbert Burkman and Associates has been a forum for review, analysis, and valuation of a wide variety of economics information.

The firm has provided:
  • assessment of economic loss, including earning capacity, earnings, and benefits
  • determination of the present value of expected pension income
  • valuation of lost stock options and stock ownership plans
  • review of market share
  • analysis of expected profits
  • examination of the expected impact of technological change
  • measurement of costs and benefits in class action lawsuits
  • presentation of trends in key economic variables, including interest rates and inflation
  • instruction of seminars on present value analysis, the state of the economy, and other economic matters

We have reviewed individual earnings records and created short-term and long-term forecasts of expected personal income and benefits.  We have evaluated personal pension benefits and company contributions to 401(k) plans for the purpose of determining their present values.

Our work often involves litigation support, either as consulting economists or expert witnesses.  Over the years our work has included responding to the many questions that arise in litigation involving economic loss in matters of employment law, personal injury and wrongful death, and the loss of civil rights.  We have prepared questions for courtroom testimony, advised attorneys on questions to be posed to economic experts in deposition and trials, and we have evaluated the work of opposing economic experts.  We have a strong record of effective courtroom testimony.

Our work includes monitoring national, regional, and local trends in interest rates, wage and salary growth, and inflation