Current Courses

Our consulting group offers seminars on a variety of economic topics.  The target audiences include professionals, attendees of management conferences, business and government employees, students, and associations seeking member enrichment.

These are primarily informational, offering insight into a variety of economic issues and ideas.

Currently, J. Herbert Burkman and Associates offers:

Present Value Analysis: A brief but thorough 1-hour introduction to present value analysis, including methodology, applications, and several examples.  The target audience is comprised of attorneys desiring an overview of this subject.

Present Value Analysis: A 2-hour, extended introduction of present value analysis, including methodology, applications, and examples drawn from business analysis and lost income assessment. A problem-solving component is included.

The Contemporary U.S. Economy: A 1-hour introduction to the U.S. economy, its principal characteristics, recent history, and expected growth.  The format is interactive and encourages participants to show their understanding of economic issues and ideas.  Topics include: the nature of economic growth, the future of the labor force, and the direction of inflation.

Cost-Benefit Analysis: Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA) provides a framework for measuring the net benefits of public policy and publicly-funded projects. What is the value of a new, urban transit system or upgrades to an existing system? What is the value of a library or public park? How are benefits and costs measured? A 1-hour seminar identifies the framework of cost-benefit analysis. A full semester course covers a range of topics, including the theoretical underpinnings of CBA, measurement of the demand for public goods and services, present value analysis, risk and uncertainty, experimental design, value of statistical life, and additional topics.